CICS.NOVA publishes several titles with a view to promoting original academic studies produced by national and international researchers, providing open access to the scientific research content of the publications for which it is responsible as an institution.

CICS.NOVA publishes five journals in Open Access: Forum Sociológico, founded in 1992, is the journal published by CICS.NOVA, freely accessible since 2007; the journal Configurações, published by CICS.NOVA.UMinho, provides open access to its publications since 2008; the journal Enterprise and Work Innovation Studies, published by CICS.NOVA's Observatory of Technology Assessment (OAT); the journal Desenvolvimento e Sociedade: Revista Interdisciplinar em Ciências Sociais, founded in 2016 by a team of integrated researchers from CICS.NOVA.UÉvora; and the journal Faces de Eva. Estudos sobre a Mulher, founded in 1999 by a group of researchers from NOVA.FCSH, that today integrate CICS.NOVAs research team.

CICS.NOVA will soon make available two book collections: Debating the Social in partnership with Editora Humus, and Diagnósticos e Perspetivas.