Laboratory of Ideas, a platform for debate on interdisciplinarity where all members of the RGs will participate to:
a) enable members from different research groups to design and implement project proposals and other scientific related activities through the attainment of a higher level of interdisciplinarity;
b) to enhance the skills of the researchers and provide a forum for the debate and development of innovative research methods and methodological approaches in the social sciences.

Also, LABID will organize meeting where research proposals of young researchers will be presented and discussed, and will host Portuguese and foreign researchers. In order to promote interdisciplinarity, scientific events will be planned with the participation of CICS.NOVA and other researchers from other scientific areas of social and natural and environmental sciences.

LABID CoodinatorCasimiro Balsa
Ana Romão (RG2)
Eva Gonçalves (RG6)
Fernando Bessa Ribeiro (LT1)
José Carlos Marques (RG5)
Manuel Carlos Silva (RG1, CICS.NOVA.UMinho)
Maria José Roxo (RG3)
Regina Salvador (LT2)
Rolando Lalanda (CICS.NOVA.UAçores)
Rossana Estanqueiro (RG4)
Saudade Baltazar (CICS.NOVA.UÉvora)