The Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences - Campus of the University of Azores, CICS.NOVA.UAc is the result of the integration of researchers from the Centre of Social Studies of the University of Azores (CES-UA) in the Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (CICS.NOVA). The CICS.NOVA.UAc is a decentralized unit of the CICS.NOVA, dedicated to the development of scientific research, education, cultural extension and provision of services to the community, with an interdisciplinary range, especially in the following scientific areas: a) Sociology; b) Demography; c) Psychology; d) Educational Sciences.

With the Regional and the Republic Governments as well with the other poles of CICS.NOVA, the CICS.NOVA.UAc develops its activity in the evaluation and definition of public policies, in the diagnosis of social problems and the characterization of the categories and social groups targeted by public policies, playing thus a significant role in the design and evaluation of the impacts of these policies. The Centre plays a role in transferring knowledge to the Governments in areas such as employment, education, social protection, youth policies (in particularly in the Azorean Youth Observatory), problems associated with children and young people at risk, inequalities of gender and domestic violence, migration, cultural consumption, fishing communities, among others.


Coordinator: Fernando Jorge Afonso Diogo

Team –  Integrated PhD Members:

Ana Cristina Pires Palos
Ana Isabel dos Santos Matias Diogo
Gilberta Margarida de Medeiros Pavão Nunes Rocha
Jorge Ávila de Lima
Licínio Manuel Vicente Tomás
Margarida da Silva Damião de Serpa
Osvaldo Dias Lopes da Silva
Pilar Sousa Lima Damião de Medeiros
Rolando Lima Lalanda Gonçalves
Sandro Nuno Ferreira de Serpa
Susana da Conceição Miranda Mira-Leal
Suzana Nunes Caldeira

Team – Other PhD Researchers:

Álvaro António Gancho Borralho
Francisco José Rodrigues Sousa
Maria da Piedade Lima Lalanda Gonçalves Mano
Octávio Henrique Ribeiro de Medeiros
Rosa Maria Neves Simas

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