CICS.NOVA.UMinho’s mission is to produce and promote knowledge in the areas of Sociology and other Social Sciences, based on the freedom of thought and the diversity of critical thinking, while also aiming for the promotion of knowledge transfer activities and intervention in the community, in order to contribute to a more unified, just and cohesive society.

The vision that CICS.NOVA.UMinho has for the near future and the goals proposed in its strategic programme are based on a solution of continuity in light of a recent past, while also including more critical mass, innovating and creating new management solutions that are translated into an improvement in terms of research, its organisation level, internationalisation and external visibility. The solid investment in scientific dissemination through the edition of publications, such as the journal Configurações, indexed in international databases, CICS.NOVA.UMinho’s e-books and Working Papers ComTextos, as well as the organisation of advanced training and scientific events, are activities that the centre determines as a priority in order to achieve this strategy.

Currently, CICS.NOVA.UMinho’s integrates a range of researchers in different research groups, which include: “Social Inequality and Public Action”, “Citizenship, Work and Technology”, “Environmental Change, Territory and Development” and “Population Dynamics and Health”.

Coordinator: Fernando Bessa Ribeiro

Team – Integrated Doctoral Researchers:

Ana Maria Simões de Azevedo Brandão
António Maria Ferreira Cardoso
Domingos Fernando da Cunha Santos
João Manuel da Silva Carvalho
José Fernando Bessa Ribeiro
José Manuel Lopes Cordeiro
Manuel Carlos Ferreira da Silva
Maria Cristina Moreira
Maria João Leitão Simões Areias Pereira
Maria Johanna Christina Schouten
Rodrigo da Costa Dominguez
Sílvia Andreia da Mota Gomes
Vera Mónica da Silva Duarte

Team – Non-Doctoral Researchers:

Ana Margarida dos Reis Jorge
Fernando António Matos Rodrigues
Fernando Henrique Dantas de Paiva
Francisca Gomes Torres Filha
Francisco Manuel Gina
Helena Rita Gonçalves Marinho Moreira
Rosa Adriana Dias da Silva
Rita Borges Neves
Rui Manuel Vieira Cruz
Sofia Isabel Coelho Afonso
Susana Rute Teles Duarte Amaral
Tahiana Meneses Alves
Tânia Cristina dos Santos Machado
Yu Yibing

Team – Doctoral Researchers and Collaborators:

Antónia do Carmo Anjinho Barriga
Joel Augusto Barbosa de Almeida Felizes
Manuela Ivone Paredes Pereira da Cunha
Teresa Maria de Sousa Araújo Pereira Mora
Maria de Fátima Silva Vieira Martins