Projetos de investigação

TransUrbArts - Emergent Urban Arts is Lisbon and São Paulo

Investigador Responsável: Ricardo Campos
Entidade Financiadora:

Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (Concurso Investigador FCT 2015).


TransUrbArts project deals with a process of artification and commodification of several aesthetic expressions until recently marginalized and misunderstood. These aesthetic practices, here defined as “emergent urban arts” have a significant urbanistic, economic and cultural impact in some metropolitan contexts. This, however, has been a significantly ignored area of study. The key question addressed in this project is: how is urban art being construed as a legitimate art world, and what are the impacts of these mutations for the local artistic scene and for the city? Lisbon and São Paulo are the empirical settings for this research. These are cities where graffiti and urban art have had a real impact in the urban landscape revealing a growing community of artists dedicated to this form of expression. Therefore, these are good urban laboratories for the study of the processes of the emergence of this art world, as well as of the impacts of this expression in the city. This is a qualitative study, using methodological triangulation (ethnography, interviews, document analysis, visual methodologies). A two-fold analytical approach will be developed. A first level of analysis is more socio-anthropological, focused on the emergence of this cultural field and on the social actors that are relevant to its definition and maintenance. A second level of research will address the urban impacts of these practices, privileging collaborative work between academia, local authorities and collective agents. The goal is not only to analyse and discuss local policies, but also to contribute to policy-making.

Data de Início: 2016
Data de Fim: 2021