Call for papers

Call for Papers - Inequality and uncertainty: current challenges for cities - III Midterm Conference

A RN37 (Urban Sociology) da ESA (European Sociological Association) lançou o call for papers para a sua III Midterm Conference - "Inequality and uncertainty: current challenges for cities", que acontecerá em Madrid, entre 27 e 29 de Junho de 2018.

Data-limite para submissão de propostas: 2 de fevereiro 2018

Tópicos de interesse:

1. Visibility and invisibility of urban inequalities and uncertainty;
2. Individual and collective strategies of coping with contemporary urban challenges at the neighbourhood level;
3. Class, gender, age and ethnicity as factors of inequalities and uncertainty;
4. Urban policies and institutional effectiveness in times of crisis;
5. Social responses to crisis - from everyday life practices to contemporary urban social movements;
6. Spatiality and the new geographies of inequalities and uncertainty;
7. (Im)mobility of urban inequalities – urban inequalities of (im)mobility;
8. Urban sustainability and global environmental crisis;
9. Innovative methodological contributions of urban sociology for studies on social inequalities and uncertainty;
10. Reading Henri Lefebvre’s “The Right to the City”, 50 years later;
11. Georg Simmel (1858-1918): reflecting on his multiple contributions for Urban Sociology.

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