Call for Papers - International Meeting «Let's talk about ageing»

In two days of multidisciplinary programing, we’ll cross perspectives from several fields, from Geriatrics to Sociology, Law, Psychology, Sports, Nutritions, Religions, among many others, believing that the articulation of their contributes and experiences may enhance the knowledge about a cross-cutting and timeless interest.

Based in some relevant and current discussion topics, Let’s Talk About Ageing is an informal meeting to share scientific and professional knowledge with daily experiences, and will certainly be an enriching moment for researchers, professional and all who, for personal or profissional reasons, have interest in the area.

Abstract submission: 31st July 2018.

Numbers speak for themselves: we are moving towards a ageing society, with a strong representation in the highest age ranges, and it needs to be addressed. The way we age, as society, is now a motive of reflection and concern between various scientific and professional fields. From Medicine to Cosmetics, Sports, Leisure, Economics and Politics, there are no unaffected areas when we speak about structural implications of this natural phenomenon with social outcomes. Talk about the richness and complexity of the contemporary ageing is our main goal with this conference.