Application coordinated by Professor José Fragata, Vice-Rector of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, having CICS.NOVA as partner.
Participating researcher from CICS.NOVA: Helena Serra, integrated member.

The founding partnership of this CoLAB constitutes an institution of applied research that intends to develop and to establish methodologies of Valued-Based Healthcare (VBH) that will make possible to meet Europe’s societal challenges related to Aging and the growing cost of Healthcare services. The main goals of this CoLAB are to create transdisciplinary knowledge focused on the development of VBH; to stimulate the establishment of VBH methodologies related to the main trajectories of diseases identified for the European context and to demonstrate their social and economic impact; to develop and validate monitoring technologies (to be explored by the market) with the objective of disseminating VBH practices; and to create scientific employment in the Health sector (namely in what concerns the industry) through the exploration of services and products to be developed in this CoLAB.

Partnerships: José de Mello Saúde SA; Vodafone Portugal;  Fraunhofer Portugal, ICHOM (International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement); Centro Hospital de Lisboa Central.