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Challenges and Emerging Strategies for Global Networking Post-COVID-19

Encontra-se aberto o período de submissão de propostas de capítulos para o livro Challenges and Emerging Strategies for Global Networking Post-COVID-19, coordenado por Ana Cristina Pego e editado por IGI Global.

Prazo para submissão de capítulos: 10 de Agosto de 2021


Management methodology and its applicability in society changed after COVID-19. Organizations have had to adopt new forms of resilience based on the needs of a different consumer; this means that an overview should be applied in a different market. The COVID-19 market is a challenge for both producers and consumers because it meets new needs and a new capacity of merchandising. This book fully unleashes the broad potential of entrepreneurial activity by exploring and highlighting new businesses and, as a result, the well-being of millions of people virtually everywhere after COVID-19. This book explores the impact of COVID-19 on the market and the various sectors of the global economy. It also holds a specific focus on businesses and networking post-COVID-19.

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