Investigador Jordi Nofre assina capítulo em obra "Nocturnes: Popular Music and the Night", editada pela Palgrave Macmillan


O capítulo intitula-se "Pubcrawling Lisbon: Nocturnal Geoethnographies of Bairro Alto" e é publicado em co-autoria com Daniel Malet Calvo (ISCTE-IUL). A obra Nocturnes: Popular Music and the Night é coordenada por Geoff Stahl (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) e por Giacomo Bottà (University of Helsinki, Finland) e editada pela Palgrave Macmillan.


The night and popular music have long served to energise one another, such that they appear inextricably bound together as trope and topos. This history of reciprocity has produced a range of resonant and compelling imaginaries, conjured up through countless songs and spaces dedicated to musical life after dark. Nocturnes: Popular Music and the Night is one of the first volumes to examine the relationship between night and popular music. Its scope is interdisciplinary and geographically diverse.

The contributors gathered here explore how the problems, promises, and paradoxes of the night and music play off of one another to produce spaces of solace and sanctuary as well as underpinning strategies designed to police, surveil and control movements and bodies. This edited collection is a welcome addition to debates and discussions about the cultures of the night and how popular music plays a continuing role in shaping them.

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