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Alison Neilson

Research Group:

3: Cities, Environment and Regional Development

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Cities, Transportation and Globalization

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Alison Neilson is an interdisciplinary researcher who transcends boundaries between arts/sciences, academic/non-academic and researcher/researched in knowledge creation and fisheries governance. She works on environmental justice issues in small-scale fishing communities of the Azores Islands Portugal. She conducts narrative and arts-informed research on the way sustainability is understood and used in education and fishing policy. She looks at the way knowledge, wisdom and politics are mixed together. Alison is also associated with the Centre for Social Studies, CES, University of Coimbra and a member of multiple networks related to people and the sea (e.g., OceanGov COST, SIHD-ICES). She is also a trained facilitator and accredited teacher trainer.

Research Interests:

Small-scale fisheries. Environmental justice. Knowledge construction. Power relations. Transformative education.

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