Actions of Lifelong Learning addressing Multicultural Education and Tolerance in Russia (ALLMEET)

Investigador Responsável: Luís Baptista
Referência: 544410-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-IT-TEMPUS-JPHES
Equipa: Cláudia Urbano
Inês Vieira
Maria do Carmo Vieira da Silva
Entidade Proponente:

Italy, Alma Mater Studiorum Universita di Bologna

Entidade Financiadora:

Comissão Europeia - Joint Projects


Rendering support to the Russian higher education modernization, development of higher education institutions as long-life learning centers. The focus of the project is aimed at studying migration, intercultural communication and human rights, in order to raise the level of tolerance towards people of immigrant’s background and other minorities.


Great Britain: University of Glasgow; Netherlands: European Centre for Valuation of Prior Learning; Portugal: Universidade Nova de Lisboa; Russian Federation: Volunteer association, Elabuga; Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, Kazan; Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, Russian Academy of Education, Kazan; Mari State University, Yoshkar-Ola; Moscow City Pedagogical University, Moscow; Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk; Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Arkhangelsk

Data de Início: 2014
Data de Fim: 2016