HENGEAR - Higher Education Network for Human Capital Assessment and Graduates Employability in Armenia

Investigador Responsável:
Entidade Proponente:

Consorzio Interuniversitario AlmaLaurea (Italy).

Entidade Financiadora:

União Europeia -  Programa Tempus IV (project No. 530373-TEMPUS-1-2012-IT-SMGR).


The projects  aims at establish an integrated demand supply matching model based on the graduates’ database designed for:

  • collect and analyze data on university and graduates performances (providing reliable, continuous   and  updated  documentation for assessing the HE system at support of the ongoing reform process
  • facilitate the placement of graduates in the labour market  (ensuring a better match between education and employment)
  • improve internal and external efficiency of the higher education system
Data de Início: 2013
Data de Fim: 2016