2: Citizenship, Work and Technology

This Research Group (RG) sets itself up to examine, from a double standpoint of fundamental and applied research, some of the major phenomena of inclusion and exclusion taking place in Portugal. The concept of citizenship” is ascribed an axial role. Piecing together the ideals set forth in the notion of inclusive society with the exercise of universal rights and duties, “citizenship” becomes an apt index to densify the inclusion subject in concrete research.
From the point of view of the specific targets to be achieved, this group aims on the one hand, to develop a theoretical, epistemological and methodological critique of the concepts of "social inclusion" and "citizenship", providing them with effective heuristic capacity, and deepen the problematique of citizenship within four major threads, assorted from the actual research know-how of the RG members: The Work and Organizations; Technology; Politics and Justice.

Coordinator: Ana Ferreira